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Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game. A romantic, liberating party game that's designed to entertain, surprise and reveal how you see your friends and how they see you. Laughter, smiles and occasional winks are all a part of the fun.

Price: 1,890 PHP

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game Red Room Expansion Pack

Add some spice to your "Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game" with the Red Room expansion pack. This version promises to raise the stakes in this outrageously entertaining game that will have everyone talking long after the game has finished.

Price: 1,190 PHP

Cosmo's aqua kama sutra book

Run a bath and read this book! The waterproof Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra Book is a 6" x .25" x 6" softbound book. The 63-page book contains sexual techniques and positions for water play. With colorful dioramas and Aqua Extras, you will find the perfect water sport for you and your lover. Ready to make a splash in your sex life?

Price: 780PHP

Cosmo Naughty Notes Coupon Book

Tease him with steamy suggestions! This naughty fuchsia hardbound book measures 5.25"L x 1"W x 4.125"H and contains 100 sexy sticky notes that will turn him on. Cosmo's Naughty Notes contains wicked dares, wild coupons, funny messages, special occasion notes and bonus blank stickies for you to write your own naughty notes just for him. Perfect fun for loving adults... make a note to buy Cosmo's Naughty Notes today!

Price: 780PHP

Entice Game

How far will you go to spark a night of passion? Be the first to move around the Entice Game Board to the Climax Finish Space by answering questions about sex, romance and relationships. Game contains 55 purple "Male Entice" cards, 55 green "Female Entice" cards, 25 red "Get Hot" cards, 1 game board, 2 playing pawns, 1 six-sided die, 1 rule sheet. What are your secret thoughts and desires?

Price: 980 PHP

A Little Lovin' Card Game

Romance your day and have fun while you play! Most couples agree that they need to find the right balance in their relationship between sex and romance. Guys tend to lean toward the sex part; women would like to see a bit more romance. A Little Lovin is the fun and explicit couple's game that opens the door to both sex and romance. Game is for 2 adult players and contains 54 A Little Lovin' cards, 50 Lovin' List cards and a rule booklet. Isn't it time both of you win?

Price: 630 PHP

Sweet Seduction Game

A sensuous and sexy game for lovers! Sweet Seduction is an exciting couple game that lets lovers explore their most intimate wants and desires by matching those wants and desires with their partner. Game is for 2 adult players and includes 54 cards along with one rule sheet. Sweet Seduction is a fun and explicit unforgettable gateway to love, sex, knowledge, and romance!

Price: 630 PHP

Intimate Dares Game

The ultimate adult erotic card game! Are you daring and unafraid? Do you have a shameless strategy? Intimate Dares is a risque card game that not only challenges your card skills, but tests your willingness to get down and dirty with lusty tasks and uninhibited dares! Game is designed for 3 or more players. Intimate Dares opens the door to hours of naughty, sexy fun with your lover and friends!

Price: 630 PHP

Love Poker Game

Know when to hold 'em! Love Poker is a wild two-player card game for adults. When you play this game it's not just the Jokers that will be wild.

Price: 630 PHP

Jacks & Jills Game

The racy and fun adult card game! Jacks & Jills is the sexy and fun card game where the object is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand and avoid taking penalty points. Don't be distracted by the racy cards, and be extra careful to avoid Jacks and Jills cards because they carry extra penalties. If you want to turn the heat up a notch, play the "Climbing the Hill" strip version or the "Fetch a Pail" drinking version. No matter how you play Jacks and Jills, You'll have loads of naughty fun!

Price: 630 PHP

Love Rewards Game

Love Rewards is a sexy game that lets you earn sexy rewards for a night full of fun for two adults. Comes with 60 Love Rewards cards and instructions.

Price: 630 PHP

Let's Do It Card Game

Let's Do It! Is the fast moving adult game with hot rewards for you and your partner. It includes 54 Let's Do It cards and rule booklet for two adult players.

Price: 630 PHP