Velvet Rose Lingerie was established in 2003 and is owned and operated by Monako Wear Corporation. At present, we have four branches: Robinson's Galleria, Shangri-La Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, and The Chimes Mall Davao City. Our head office is in 4/F 20 Lansbergh Place 170 Tomas Morato Ave., cor. Scout Castor St., Quezon City and you may contact us through: Telephone: 373-3038; Fax: 373-8491; Email: velvetroselingeriestore@gmail.com. We are a professional brand and we assure you that all transactions and matters shall be handled and dealt with in a professional manner.

By using our website and placing your orders, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. Please take a moment and read our site rules for a breezy shopping experience.


1. LINGERIE/SWIMWEAR/SHAPEWEAR/SLEEPWEAR/ACCESSORIES: All our garments are sourced internationally and we guarantee their best quality.
2. BEDROOM NOVELTY ITEMS: All items are sourced from the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers, and have passed international safety standards.
3. EDIBLE ITEMS: All items have been screened, tested, and deemed safe for consumption. Our edibles are replenished every week for your safety and we only carry the most trusted international brands for such items.


1. All items in the website are not always available due to the demand, so please feel free to contact us via email at velvetroselingeriestore@gmail.com, call us or visit our stores for the complete product line-up.
2. If the item you wish to purchase is not available, we can recommend or suggest an alternative item to you and seek for your approval.
3. All necessary information about a certain product (e.g. sizing, price, colors, description) are available in the website. For further information, please feel free to contact us via the contact details we have provided.


1. This website accepts Credit Card and Paypal (Peso and US Dollar payments). We only honor Credit Cards from banks that we accept. (Please read our Privacy Policy regarding Collection of Personal Information)
2. Customer is required to pay for the purchased item/s, shipment and any expense incurred during the transaction in full before delivery.


1. You may change your order or cancel it provided that the item/s have not been shipped. Payment shall be refunded in cash to either your credit card or Paypal account.


1. We do combine shipping provided that your first batch of order was not shipped out yet. New orders require a new shipping and handling fee.
2. The items will be delivered to the customer's preferred address via LBC or other reputable courier companies.
3. We will provide you your package's tracking number for reference.
4. For Metro Manila residents, please allow 1-2 days for delivery and 3-4 days for provincial areas.
5. You will be notified via email when your package/s have been shipped. Likewise, if we are not able to ship your package on the expected time, we shall notify you via email immediately. If your package/s have been shipped and there is a delay in the delivery, please use the tracking number to locate your package in LBC's official website or you may give them a call. We cannot be held liable for lost or damaged package/s and item/s.


1. All our items are guaranteed brand new, and our Novelty and Edible items fresh. We carefully select and screen our items for defects and damages before selling online and in our physical stores. We do not sell substandard, faulty, and expired products.
2. If you feel that a defect has been overlooked by us, feel free to contact us via telephone or email and we shall attend to you as soon as we can.


1. For defective Lingerie and Bedroom Novelty Item/s, please send us an email and state the reason how and why the item/s are defective and ship the item/s back to our main office.Return shipment must be shouldered by the customer.
2. Please do not use, alter and wash the item/s. Return the item/s with the tags and logos intact including a copy of the official receipt, which you may send via email so as to minimize our environmental footprint. Velvet Rose Lingerie reserves the right to refuse the replacement of returned item/s when we feel they have been compromised. We shall send you an email explaining why the return has been refused and the item/s will be shipped back to your address.
3. For expired edible items, please do not open and use the items and return them to our main office via shipping for replacement.



1. Items that may be exchanged are Bedroom Novelty Items, Dresses, Cover-Ups, Robes, Upper Body shapewear, Brassieres, Brags, Pantypaks, and accessories provided that they are unused and intact.
2. We do not honor exchanges for swimwear, lower body shapewear and underwear.
3. We honor exchanges for wrong sizes but only on exchangeable items. Item/s may only be exchanged once.
4. We do not honor exchanges if you have changed your mind and decided to get another item.
5. You can exchange the item/s bought online in our physical stores, but item/s purchased in our stores cannot be exchanged online.


1. Gift Certificates are non-transferable.
2. Gift Certificates cannot be used in our online website
3. Gift Certificates are non-convertible to cash.


1. Customer will receive a promo card with an P800.00 single transaction purchase.
2. The promo card is valid for one year.
3. Customer will receive stamps after every minimum purchase of P800.00 in a single transaction. Customer will also receive discounts stated within the card after a series of transactions.
4. If the promo card is not with the customer, he/she may return to the store where he/she purchased the item together with the promo card and official receipt to redeem the stamp. We keep a record of all your transactions.
5. The Promo Card is non-transferable.
6. The Promo Card cannot be exchanged for items.
7. The Promo Card is non-convertible to discounts and cash.
8. Discounts within the Promo Card cannot be combined with other store promotions and discounts.
9. We reserve the right to refuse and invalidate the Promo Card if we feel that it has been tampered with by the customer.



1. It is our duty to arrange a return shipment and replacement immediately in case we have sent you the wrong item/s or defective products.
2. It is our responsibility to refund your payment via Credit Card or Paypal for your cancelled transactions or if we cannot produce your preferred item or during product shortage.
3. We are responsible for misrepresented items and we shall arrange a return shipment and replacement for such items immediately.


1. Velvet Rose Lingerie cannot be held liable for injury, allergy, or accidents involving our products. All products come with their respective instructions so please follow them accordingly for your safety. (Please see General Terms and Conditions)
2. Velvet Rose Lingerie cannot be held liable for intestinal problems encountered during the usage of our edible products. It is your duty to consult with a health care professional regarding your tolerance with such products. We do not sell expired products, but if we may have overlooked a few and it just so happened that you have received an expired product, do not try or taste the product and contact us immediately for product replacement. (Please see General Terms and Conditions)
3. Velvet Rose Lingerie cannot be held liable for lost or damaged packages while in transit. Once shipped, we are free from obligations concerning your orders and package. Please contact LBC for your concerns.
4. Our website is up-to-date and maintained daily by our digital department. However, our website may not be compatible with your computer or preferred web browser and this is beyond our control. If you encounter browsing and loading problems with our website, please contact your service administrator.


1. In the event of repossession, war, anarchy, terrorism, natural or man- made disasters, Internet connection and telecommunications failure and hacker attack,Velvet Rose Lingerie and Monako Wear Corporation cannot be held liable for discontinued or cancelled transactions whether or not the circumstances could have been foreseen or prevented.


1. All photos, descriptions, copies, and materials on this website are owned by Velvet Rose Lingerie. You shall not in any way reproduce, copy, and sell anything on this website without our knowledge and permission. This is a criminal offense and disobedience may result to legal action.
2. You will not use this website and any materials contained within it for your personal gain or with anything unlawful, political, racist, profane, obscene, derogatory, illegal, and fraudulent or with anything that is contradictory to our interests and against our principles.
3. You shall not alter, reproduce, or copy our Terms and Conditions.


1. Velvet Rose Lingerie will not in any way represent their customers and vice versa.
2. Velvet Rose Lingerie reserves the right to refuse fraudulent transactions.
3. Velvet Rose Lingerie reserves the right to ban fraudulent users.
4. ADVISORY ON EDIBLE ITEMS AND PRODUCTS THAT REQUIRE SKIN CONTACT: We guarantee the safety and efficacy of our products. However, there is risk involved especially if you have known skin sensitivity, allergies, or gut problems. For your personal safety, please conduct a skin patch test prior to usage and consult with a health care professional to know if you can tolerate our edible products.
5. Velvet Rose Lingerie is not affiliated with any individual or any company other than Monako Wear Corporation. We are free from any obligations should you have a fraudulent transaction or encounter with a person or company that claims to represent us.

Velvet Rose Lingerie reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes made on our Terms and Conditions will be uploaded on our website immediately.

For more questions, suggestions, comments, and inquiries, please email us at velvetroselingeriestore@gmail.com or give us a call at 373-3038 or fax us at 373-8491.